About Us

Juvo Health is a health tourism agency established by Dr. Meltem Özbek Yaşar, Dr. Berna Özbek Özer and Tayfun Özbek, who are experts in the field, with the mission of ‘Quality Health for Everyone‘.

At Juvo Health, we believe that health is the starting point for human potential and progress. As advocates of accessible, predictable and, most importantly, ‘quality’ healthcare, we offer a variety of services.

Juvo Health’s true strength is its continuous improvement for quality healthcare solutions.

Our values are;

Caring about our patients and colleagues,

Keeping all the promises we made,

Being open to innovation and adapting quickly.

Juvo means help in Latin. We named our company Juvo Health because we want to help you get the best healthcare.

We are always here to Juvo you!


Juvo Health grows and expands with the family of Centermed, combining the quality of physicians with high – level technology in the processes of diagnosis and treatment in health, and make a difference with its unique approach and high level of guest services and patient care services.

Juvo Health attaches great importance to the highest quality and standard. Centermed is a certified and advanced healthcare center in Istanbul with the great comfort and services it offers to all our patients.

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