Beard Transplant

What Is Beard Transplantation?

A beard transplant is exactly what it sounds like: hair is removed from one place of the body and moved to the jawline or another area of the body where your beard is resistant to growth. A beard transplant operates similarly to DHI hair transplants, which involve removing individual hair follicles from donor locations and implanting them in other parts of the scalp. The hair is removed from the scalp and placed in the beard region.

A man’s lack of a beard could be due to a variety of factors. Most of these causes are genetic. In addition to this, beard loss may result from laser depilation, surgical procedures, burns, or accidents. Due to some autoimmune diseases and low testosterone levels, beards and mustaches can also be lost. The level of the hormone testosterone should unquestionably be regulated if there are any concerns about an organic issue. Similar to hair loss, using cosmetic items won’t help you develop a new beard. The only long-term fix for lost beards is a transplant.

The best way to understand treatment procedure is to have a consultation session with our professionals.

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We as Juvo Health offer two types of hair transplantation,

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Direct Hair Implantation (DHI).

We offer free online consultation service to inform you on which treatment type is suitable for your condition.

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