Meltem Özbek Yaşar, MD, MBA

Medical Director

Dr. Meltem graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1996.

Then she went on to complete her Family Medicine specialty training in 2000, followed by her masters degree in Health Care Administration.

The combination of her extensive medical training and post graduate degree gave her an in-depth understanding of the requirements for high quality patient care and the skills to manage an organization that delivers on these requirements for all patients.

Throughout her career she wore many hats, practicing medicine as a Family Physician Specialist and travelling to 15 different countries to collaborate with other doctors on drug developments as a Regional Medical Manager.

Currently she is the Medical Director of Juvo Health. She enjoys having an active role not only in ensuring a comfortable and high quality operative environment for patients but also in following their post-operative progress.

Prof. Şule Güngör, MD

Dermatologist & Hair Transplantation Expert

Professor Şule Güngör, MD is an experienced dermatologist on hair transplants, skin diseases and cosmetic dermatology.

After she obtained her medical degree in 2001, she completed her Dermatology speciality training in 2006. She became Associate Professor of Dermatology in 2016, and then Professor of Dermatology in 2021.

She has 22 years of professional expertise in Dermatology and Hair loss treatments. She is frequently invited to medical conferences on skin diseases and cosmetic dermatology, where she provides seminars to doctors on the latest techniques and protocols of hair transplantation.

As a dermatology professor and one of the most competent names in her field, Prof. Dr. Şule examines and diagnoses the causes of hair loss in patients. Although hair transplantation is a permanent treatment for hair loss, it is not suitable for all hair loss types. So, the first step required for a successful hair transplant is the correct diagnosis made by a specialist doctor. After the diagnosis, donor hair capacity, degree of baldness and meeting the patient’s expectation from hair transplantation are the most important factors in evaluating suitability for hair transplantation. After examining the patient’s anamnesis and hair condition, Prof. Dr. Şule Güngör decides on the patient’s suitability for hair transplantation and on their individualised treatment plan.

When it comes to the transplantation stage, she carries out the operations with her highly trained and experienced medical team, using the latest techniques such as Sapphire FUE Hair transplant and DHI Hair transplant.

With the expertise of Prof. Dr. Şule and her team, while having a treatment with Juvo Health patients will notice that safety and health is the first priority. Hair transplant operations are carried out at the fully equipped, spacious medical center prepared for hair transplantation operations and licensed by the Ministry of Health.

The post-transplantation stage is also critical, as the reaction of each skin is unique to the person. Providing healing treatments suitable for the patient’s skin after transplantation, and 1 year follow up are other privileged services provided by Juvo Health under supervision of Prof. Dr. Şule.

If you are looking for a solution for your hair loss, first of all, you need to get the right information. To begin your journey, schedule a free consultation with Juvo Health to get your personalised treatment plan by Prof. Dr. Şule and her team.

Tolga Yener, MD

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tolga Yener was born in 1972.

He completed medical school at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1998.

Before his Plastic Surgery Residency, he was trained in the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Baskent University which made him an expert about the human anatomy.

On top of his unique expertise on anatomy, he completed his Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Residency at Mersin University Faculty of Medicine.

Since 2011 he performs a wide range of cosmetic plastic surgical procedures including rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, abdominoplasty.

He won numerous honors and awards for his work in plastic & reconstructive surgery.

He has been invited from Germany, United States, Switzerland and Dubai as an opinion leader to show his expertise. He regularly goes there and shares his experiences.